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How do you make sticky ideas?

An extra book post this week! Huzzah!

Did you hear about the lady in Cincinnati who found a rat in her bucket of fried chicken? She brought it home to feed her family and when they got to the bottom of the bucket there was a deep fried rat laying there.  It was breaded and deep fried just like a piece of chicken and nobody realized it was a rat – a whole rat – until her five year old son bit into it. The company settled with her for four million dollars due to her emotional distress. This is why they changed the name of the company from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC, because they can’t legally call it “chicken” anymore.

Or have you ever heard about intermittent fasting? The 1945 study by Carlson and Hoelzel. . . . found that the apparent life span of rats in the study was increased by intermittent fasting. Tests in which a group of thirty-three rats were allowed the same food ad libitum and groups of thirty-seven, thirty-seven and thirty rats were fasted 1 day in 4, 3 and 2, respectively, after the age of 42 days, showed that the optimum amount of fasting appeared to be fasting 1 day in 3 and this increased the life span of littermate males about 20% and littermate females about 15%. However, the pre-experimental condition of the individual rats was also found to be an important factor determining the life spans.

Okay, now go get a glass of water and then come back to read below the fold.