My Amazon Mall

Support PDG and Do Your Shopping Here

Here’s how this works, if you buy something on Amazon through one of my links here, you’ll be supporting Painted Dog Games as well. There’s no added cost or inconvenience to you, just check out any of the books or other items I’ve recommended and anything you add to your cart after that will send a little bit back to PDG. I will never pitch anything to you that I don’t think is totally awesome myself.

Need another reason to add this step to your shopping? I’ll give you one. Starting in November, Penny Arcade does their charity drive to provide games and toys to pediatric hospitals. This provides sick kids with some much needed escapism and some normality. Whatever I make through my Amazon affiliation through then, I will be donating half of it to Child’s Play.

So there you go, just for doing the shopping you’d do on Amazon anyway, you will help me support this site (and my vicious reading habit) and providing some happiness for sick kids. And that’s a deal you can’t beat with a stick.

Child's Play Logo

Click Here to go to and Get Started with the Warm Fuzzies


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