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So regrettably for me, game development involves a not-inconsiderable amount of computer programming. It’s not that I hate programming, but my brain just doesn’t work like that naturally. I like putting things together, I like seeing them all work, and I did tolerably well in the one Flash course I took. However I have very little patience for debugging, and it definitely is a different language.



“I refuse to let a college education get in the way of my learning.” – LX Van Drie

Seriously, read this book

So I’ve been blogging for three months now. I’ve frequently intended to in the past, but this is the longest I’ve stuck with it. And I’ll continue with it this time. So what made the difference? It was this post titled 8 Steps to Getting What You Want …. Without Formal Credentials from It’s a quick extraction of the basics from The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsburg. Sometimes you read something and it’s just the slap in the face and kick in the ass you need.

In this case, the article was about something I’ve intuitively felt for a long time, but needed some guidance to really take advantage of it. Learning is not the same thing as the educational system or getting credentialed. Why do people like Bill Gates excel even after having dropped out of the formal educational system? Because they never stop learning, and just as importantly, they never stop reaching out to people they can connect with.


So there I was, having just finished sneaking around the Jarl of Winterhaven’s castle and helping myself to some of his wealth when he finally notices me and calls me aside. “Snygg,” he says. “You’re really a very good citizen. Always doing what you can to help the city.”

“Sure,” I agree, kicking my sack of stolen goblets and gold behind me.

“You’re very good at sneaking around and shooting people in the back from dark corners.”

“If this is about the guard found behind the inn with an arrow in his back I swear I don’t know anything about it.”

“Of course not,” the Jarl frowns. “I am talking about your good services to our city.”

“Right,” I smile. “You know me, never pick a fight when you can pick them off from a distance.”


This is just a little too long for a twitter post, but I think it’s funny. Yesterday my mother and I were packing up Christmas cookies and unfortunately the only songs I had at my disposal were Oxhorn’s Christmas album. (For those who are unfamiliar, Oxhorn is a very talented guy who makes funny WoW albums.) Mom was mostly unimpressed (she’s not fond of holiday parody songs), but there was one part she enjoyed. She really liked the guy who talked in acronyms.

I shouldn’t be surprised, my parents are both pilots and my dad was in the military. My mom worked closely with the military, and there are no groups more prone to use three letter acronyms or TLAs. So after listening to this track I found myself explaining what it means to pwn and under what circumstances you’d say “QQ” or “kekeke.”

So don’t you trash talk about my mama; she’ll trash talk you back.