My mom is learning to trash talk

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Real World Applications
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This is just a little too long for a twitter post, but I think it’s funny. Yesterday my mother and I were packing up Christmas cookies and unfortunately the only songs I had at my disposal were Oxhorn’s Christmas album. (For those who are unfamiliar, Oxhorn is a very talented guy who makes funny WoW albums.) Mom was mostly unimpressed (she’s not fond of holiday parody songs), but there was one part she enjoyed. She really liked the guy who talked in acronyms.

I shouldn’t be surprised, my parents are both pilots and my dad was in the military. My mom worked closely with the military, and there are no groups more prone to use three letter acronyms or TLAs. So after listening to this track I found myself explaining what it means to pwn and under what circumstances you’d say “QQ” or “kekeke.”

So don’t you trash talk about my mama; she’ll trash talk you back.



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