The Care and Feeding of Blogs

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So this is an apology, to my few readers and to myself. Two weeks without a post is far too long.

I could make excuses: anyone who’s seen my holiday travel schedule or heard about my dad’s accident with the horse would forgive me for feeling overwhelmed I think. But the fact remains I have frakked up and slacked off.

See the point of this blog is not just communication of ideas and thoughts, although I do love doing that. (I am eagerly awaiting the day I have enough followers to allow for at least a semi-regular exchange of ideas in the comments section.) It’s to keep me honest and to keep me moving forward. I don’t need to wait for any mythical “someday” to pursue my passions. I can do that today.

But that means I have to do it today, or at least two or three times a week. I have a whole stack of books I’m in the middle of, I have some exciting ideas regarding game design to explore, some neat videos to share, and plenty of other things to talk about – it’s not like I’m lacking materials.

I’m not gonna make some sweeping declaration that starting tomorrow I’m going to post every day. I will post another two or three times before Christmas. Between now and New Year’s I will figure out a workable schedule for posting that will let me put something up two or three times a week, maybe more often.

In the meantime, mea culpa.


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